EJF Philosophy

With each other - for each other

The EJF Organisation manages facilities and services for people of all ages who look for special personal or social support and care. 

In more than 100 years of service, the EJF Organisation is keeping facilities of children-, youth- and family support, help for people with special needs and for the elderly, as well as hotels and conference venues.


The EJF Organisation considers its core task to be to meet the Christian responsibility of charity. In our social work we are guided by the principles of Christian ethics, above all by the belief that human dignity is sacrosanct.

We are committed to accepting and understanding the uniqueness and dignity of every person to whom we offer our services, and whom we care for in a holistic way. To appreciate the value of each person, his possibilities and abilities, is the starting point of our actions. Based on these convictions all our services hold in common the development and strengthening of the self esteem and abilities of all involved. For us this includes collaborating closely with a person's family and taking into consideration their social or ethnic bonds.

We continuously develop our professionalism and socio-political competence. We aim to identify cases of need at an early stage and to meet them with the provision of appropriate services.

The EJF Organisation acts within the legal framework of charity law, and operates according to the professional principles applicable to all large-scale organizations. These include working economically and working to set targets, quality awareness, clear responsibilities, participatory decision-making and leadership, as well as efficiency and transparency.

We are socially and politically committed to making the voices heard of those people who cannot always speak for themselves. We will represent their concerns among colleagues, to decision makers and with the media.

We live our beliefs within our work; it is marked by solidarity, openness, tolerance and mutual trust as well as the confidence that together we will be more successful.


With due changes in the first paragraph, the EJF Association has agreed a similar philosophy.