"Teltow Kids" bilingual Kindergarten

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"Teltow Kids" bilingual kindergarten
Iserstr. 4
14513 Teltow

Tel. +49 (0)3328 3077807
Fax +49 (0)3328 3077808
Mail kita-teltowkids@ejf.de

145 places for children from 1 year of age to school age.

Jessica Graeben
Isabel Wagner

Opening hours
Monday till Friday from 07:00 am till 7:00 pm

Concept – bilingual kindergarten „Teltow Kids“

Our children should experience a second language in everyday situations, just as they experience their mother tongue. From the daily greeting in a circle, through games, eating meals together, as well as singing, handicrafts and physical activities they learn everyday expressions.

In this respect, our guiding principle is that of immersion learning:

The groups of children are led simultaneously by a German native speakind teacher and an English teacher, both teachers speak to the children exclusively in their own language.

Immersion learning is, worldwide, the most succesful method for learning a second language. Symbolically, the children „bathe“ in the language. The children at „Teltow kids“ have the possibility to dive into both languages. They begin to connect English words and sentences with particular objects and situations, and to find connections between activity and speech. They experience the English language through the daily interaction with others and learn automatically to communicate in English.

Young children possess a natural ability for learning a second language, and at „Teltow kids“ our children have the opportunity to further develop this ability. The recommendations for supporting second language learning from Professor Doctor Rosemarie Tracy from the university of Mannheim, serve as an important basis for the successful implementation of the immersion method.

At the centre of our educational work is also the implementation of the educational programme of the federal state of Brandenburg, with its six educational areas. Additionally, we incorporate aspects of the british educational programme „Early Years Foundation Stage“. Elements of Reggio pedagogic and Montessori pedagogic are also important parts of our pedagogical concept.

An important aspect for us, is to teach our children openness, respect and esteem for different life-styles and cultures, in an international environment.Through the process of learning another language in everyday situations, shyness with foreigners is overcome, and coming to terms with variety and differences becomes normality. Our kindergarten „Teltow kids“ aims to become a central meeting point for international exchange both in Teltow